Aluminium Plinth Retaining


Aluminium plinth retaining is a brand new way of retaining soil up to 600mm in Height Difference.

Made of rust resistant Aluminium in colours to match or contrast your colorbond fence.

Aluminium plinths are a modern alternative to traditional concrete post and panel or limestone retaining, Seamlessly integrated with your colorbond fence to provide a no gap meeting between your fence and retaining wall. So no more seepage of soil or weeds from your neighbours.

Plinths Come in two different types- Aluminium and High tensile steel.

Both Products are powder coated to match the colour of your fence.

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  • Steel plinths are a zig zag Profile and can retain up to 300mm.
  • Aluminium plinths are Smooth box section and are stronger then the steel plinth and therefor can retain up to 600mm when used in conjunction with longer and Thicker posts.