Commercial Fencing


Prowest Fencing can install Garrison fencing Around your School, Workshop or any commercial premises.

Garrison Fencing is usually powder coated in black with spikes ontop. It comes in 2 standard sizes 1800mm high and 2100mm high. Its much better security option than chain wire fence as it cant be cut with wire cutters.

Gates can also be custom made to suite any situation.

Prowest can even fence entire housing estates using colorbond fence core drilled into limestone walls or direct into the ground.

We can arrange tenders for your estate requirements.

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My name is Melissa and I was the manager on duty during the time your employees were working on the property behind HJ's Gosnells on Wednesday and Thursday. Early Wednesday morning, we noticed your employees were working behind us using very loud tools that could be heard through the speaker box when a car entered our drive thru. With the ringing in our ears, I went out the back to kindly ask when would the tools be put down and stopped being used. With a polite response your employee apologised and said he'd be a maximum of 30 minutes then used his spade to do the rest of the work, satisfied with that I went back inside only to find out the lovely blokes working would stop using loud tools whenever they saw a car enter the drive thru, so the ringing would stop and we were able to hear the customer. By far, this was the most beautiful and highly regarded response I could have received from your employee that I would like to say a huge thank you to him for taking time to consider our workplace as well as his own. I say this with all kind words but if this was any other company I probably would not have received this kind of service. Thank you again so much for your considerate service even though you are a tradesman and customer service is only a partial part of your work. I completely understand that work needs to get done but as I said above I honestly could not believe that your employees are so kind and considerate of myself and my employees having to work with the sound in their ears. I will be keeping your card in my purse so if I require any work to be done on my own or a friends property you have our business.